Welcome to My Website!

I’m a Personal Consultant Located on the Beautiful Island of Maui, Hawaii

As a Personal Consultant, I Offer a Variety of Helpful Services here on the Island of Maui. Do you need some extra help around the house in the way of a personal assistant, housekeeper, organizer, bookkeeper, medical caretaker, babysitter, gardener, pet caretaker, or just need someone to give your home the lived-in look while you are off-island? Do you also have a guest home or an extra room in your ohana? I offer highly negotiable temporary and long-term live-in work trade services as well. Please contact me to see if I am a fit for your situation. Feel free to check out my terms of service and my Credentials.

Responsible, Dependable, Self-Employed Business Owner Since January of 2010 Resident of Maui, Hawaii Since January of 2015 I have no kids and no pets of my own but I would love to help you with yours I personally do not drink or party

Contact me if you would like to acquire any of my many services

Carrie Spranger
Carrie Picture Fairy Anne
AT&T Cell # (808) 446-2164
AT&T Cell # (715) 470-0999
TextNow # (808) 800-8668

I hardly ever ignore a call or text
If you messaged me and I have not messaged you back
I did not receive your message

It has come to my attention recently that my AT&T phones do not seem to be able to send messages to or receive texts messages from certain phones and carriers, including phones that use iMessanger or iPhone’s. I do not currently have the best cell phone signal where I’m staying, but I do have access to excellent WiFi at the moment.
I have unfortunately missed lots of messages from friends and clients over the past couple of months, I am very upset at this phone situation. I personally like to be available to people, not make them wonder why I’m ignoring their messages all of the sudden.
If you have messaged me and I have not messaged back on my normal cell numbers 8084462164 or 7154700999 then please feel free to contact me on my TextNow (WiFi only) # 8088008668

I would also like to note that the most reliable way to contact me seems to be on Facebook messenger

**If you are viewing this website on a tablet or smartphone scroll to bottom of this page and select “view full site” to give yourself the full experiencescreenshot_20180810-1453101952910494.png1 free hugfree hugs couponmeimagine

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