• Understands that as a “Demi-heteroromantic Demisexual” I do not experience primary romantic or sexual attraction, but I am capable of secondary romantic and sexual attraction to men with whom I have built a strong emotional bond which sometimes happened with certain men very fast, and others took months, even years, to make the same bond, and sometimes said bond does not even emerge from the friendship

• Is honest, loyal and willing to love me and support me unconditionally; Won’t insult, degrade, abuse, cheat on, steal from, or lie to me in any way and will not permit people to purposely hurt me or others either; will be offended if others treat me in malicious ways and will take it upon himself to say and/or do something about it, but is not violent himself in the process; Will both know when to put aside his pride, and when and how to show it appropriately, dependent on the situation involved; Will tolerate my other friends (both male and female); Will fully trust me to be alone with other people in both public and private situations; Is willing to admit if he cheated, stole, lied, is wrong, jealous, being an asshole or was violent in any way

• Has a similar level of maturity, compassion, dependability and responsibility as I do; Has a valid driver license and a dependable means of self-transportation; Has a good work ethic and a source of income; Makes a similar income to myself; Is an “Equal Life Partner” willing to go half on life’s expenses; Is willing to offer things to and appreciate me similarly to me offering things to and appreciating him; Is adapt to remember and properly celebrate (sometimes with gift exchange) the many special dates throughout the year; Will willing attend parties and other public and friendly gatherings; Acknowledges anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, etc.

• Will both want to, and have the means to have both travel and a stable home environment in his life; Is willing to co-invest in a future “HOME” for us; Must have general home, vehicle, and garden or farm maintenance skills; Is relatively neat and clean, and does his fair share of the housework; Will eat my cooking and really enjoy it and take his turn to let me enjoy his cooking skills as well as taking his turn to wash the dishes afterwards; Has a similar taste in nourishment as I do

• Knows how to properly deal with my femaleness (a good sense of humor is key) and understands that no mood (good or bad) lasts forever; Will know when to hold me tight, wipe my tears, make me smile, or give me space; Will enjoy rubbing lotion on my body and holding my breasts when I ache; Enjoys many verities of kissing, cuddling, hand-play, cunnilingus and other monogamous sexual situations with me habitually

• Understands and accepts that he will not have any biological children with me in future

• Adores the company of, and has been around, a verity of animals throughout his life

• Enjoys various natural and/or non-addictive remedies for life’s ailments; Does not negatively indulge in vices that are commonly abused in today’s society, including depressants, antidepressants, opioid and morphine derivatives, and various stimulants (prescription or not); Does not drink alcohol on a daily or weekly basis (1-2 drinks a month max.); Does not use any tobacco, nicotine, or e-cig type vaping products

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