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As a Demi-HeteroRomantic Demisexual I do not experience primary romantic or sexual attraction, but I am capable of secondary romantic and sexual attraction to men with whom I have built a strong emotional bond which sometimes happened with certain men very fast, and others took months, even years, to make the same bond, and sometimes said bond does not even emerge from the friendship, even if my life would have been easier if it had.

I personally have never had a celebrity crush or seen a random person that I did not personally know that I was instantly romantically or sexually attracted to.

 The urbanthesaurus.org entry on Demisexuality has recently been rewritten…
Demisexuality is the sexual orientation of a person who does not experience primary attraction, the physical or sexual attraction, but does experience secondary attraction, deep emotional attraction. Like asexuals, demisexuals often don’t have sex due to lack of attraction but they can and some do, when with a person they most likely already have a deep emotional connection with.
Demisexuality means lack of physical or sexual attraction but it doesn’t necessarily mean lack of sex drive or that demisexuals don’t crave companionship or a relationship, that might or might not involve sex.
Demisexuals can be aromatic, heteroromantic, homoromantic, biromantic, or panromantic, very much like asexuals can be.
On rare occasion a demisexual person can be attracted to someone sexually but usually it is after developing a strong friendship or relationship with that person. This is no way discards someone of their demisexuality and is important to remember.”

I am a “D0” on the above chart
I have a secondary sexuality (D) attraction type &
I am exclusively attracted to the opposite sex (0)



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