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I’m a Personal Consultant Currently Located on the Beautiful Island of Maui, Hawaii

I Offer a large variety of Helpful Domestic Services.

Please contact me to see if I am a fit for your situation.

Feel free to check out my terms of service and my Credentials.

My references are available upon request.

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Highly Skilled Housekeeper with over two decades of cleaning and housekeeping experience total with over 7 1/2 years being here on Maui.

Experienced Childcare In Your Home
I bring 29+ years of childcare experience to your home, condo, hotel, motel, beach or any other location on Maui and take care of your children while you and/or your partner take care of business.

Professional House Sitter ~ This service is great for my clients on Maui who don’t have pets yet want their home to have that lived-in look while they are away! I will spend up to 12 hours out of each 24 hour period, at your home, double checking your property to ensure everything is where it should be. I will alternate lights and blinds, pick up your mail/packages and newspapers, take out and bring in the trash, water your plants and walk the inside of your home to make sure everything is secure.

Loving Pet Sitting In Your Home ~ With my lifetime of experience with animals of all shapes and sizes, I will come to stay in your home and love and care for your pets like you do while you are off-island! I will spend up to 18 hours, out of each 24 hour period, in your home with your pet(s) while you are away. They will receive lots of love, companionship, and relaxation being in their own surroundings. This service includes the Professional House Sitter package plus AM and PM play/walks and pet waste pickup/disposal.

In-Home Informal Adult Care ~ Informal care is the predominant source of care for those elderly with milder impairments.

In-Home Disability Care As a professional caregiver, I will blend in with your family while providing companionship, personal care, and housekeeping support to adults with disabilities.

Bookkeeping & Office Assistant Services ~ with my extensive education and 2 year Accounting Associate degree from Northcentral Technical College in Wisconsin, I am able to offer a large verity of bookkeeping, filing, and billing services; Specializing in Medical Administration, IT-Microcomputer, Business Administration, and Bookkeeping Technologies

Listen, Talk, & Advise ~ Ever just need someone to meet up with you in person to talk or simply talk to you on the phone for any reason?

Couple Counseling ~ Ever just need a third party to meet up with you and your significant other to talk about any verity of subjects that may be upsetting the relationship? ~ Try My Private In-Home Couple Counseling

Picture Fairy ~ Do you want to bring some attention to what you or your neighbors are doing on the island? I can do short interviews and videos that could be aired on the Maui daily show Akaku Maui Community Media – my B-roller Training was completed on March 11th, 2023

Fill out this form to contact me if you would like to acquire any of my many services 

T-MOBILE CELL # (808) 446-2164
GOOGLE VOICE # (715) 470-0999
TEXTNOW # (808) 800-8668

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